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Beginning a residential renovation project in Pembroke Pines, FL can be a daunting task. With Remodeling SG Corp, you are choosing a trusted renovation contractor with the expertise to transform your existing space into a home that reflects your personal style and meets your changing needs. Whether you’re looking to update the kitchen, expand the living room, or add an entirely new wing to your home, our team of skilled professionals is ready to take on the challenge.

Our Professional Services


Colors can influence mood; choose hues that create a calming sanctuary or an energizing living space, depending on your needs. We offer exceptional home renovation services, specializing in painting solutions that can breathe new life into your new or upgraded abode. High-quality painting is an essential part of any renovation project, providing a fresh and vibrant finish to both the interior and exterior of your residence. 


The influence of well-chosen flooring on the overall ambiance and functionality of a home cannot be understated. Focusing on flooring, we transcend mere makeovers to deliver a ground-up transformation that envisions the home of your dreams. Dive into an ocean of designs, textures, and materials, as we bring you floors that aren't just walked upon but are showcases of your unique taste and lifestyle.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling
Modern bathroom renovation is more than just updating fixtures or repainting walls; it's an opportunity to reconfigure spaces, infuse new energy, and create a retreat that resonates with comfort and relaxation. Tailored to fit your lifestyle and personal taste, our bathroom remodeling services focus on bringing your vision for the perfect bathroom remodeling project to life.

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As your dedicated quality home improvement service provider, our company takes responsibility for the overall coordination of your home renovation project. We’re here to guide you from the initial planning stages through to project completion. Our reliable home improvement services are expertly designed to rejuvenate, upgrade, and transform your living space. Whatever home renovation ideas you have planned, let us be the ones to bring them to fruition with professionalism and a keen eye for detail.

The Benefits
Opting for a professional and affordable home renovation service provider like us for your residential remodeling projects brings numerous advantages. Our team possesses a diverse skill set, ensuring high-quality results across every facet of construction and design. Handling everything from logistics to labor, we remove the stress and allow you to enjoy the creative process. With a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and techniques, we bring a fresh perspective to traditional spaces.

Areas We Serve
There is an ever-growing demand for the services we provide, thus we are available in more than one area to serve more clients. The following locations are where we are readily available:

  • West Park FL
  • Ojus FL
  • Opa-locka FL
  • Westview FL

No matter if you are just contemplating some fresh updates or considering an extensive overhaul for your residence in Pembroke Pines, FL, don’t hesitate—your ideal home is within reach. Connect with us today at your most convenient time and kick-start your journey toward enhanced living with perfection as crafted by Remodeling SG Corp. Your dream home renovation awaits!

Client Testimonials

by Jay Green on Remodeling SG Corp
Great Work!

I planned to have a modern bathroom renovation project for my new space and I was looking for the perfect contractor for this project. I've seen reviews about the company and I decided to go with them for the renovation. I didn't regret it one bit! They did an amazing job with great results! Kudos! I love my new bathroom!

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